Jetboil Group Cooking System

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Jetboil Group Cooking System
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Product Description

Simmer, fry, or sautŽ for groups with this flexible 1.5 liter system. Ideal for gourmet cooking, scouts, family camping, snow melting.

JetboilÀs new Group Cooking System (GCS) brings greater capacity and versatility to fast and efficient outdoor cooking. It features JetboilÀs new 1.5 Liter pot with patent-pending FluxRingÀ heat exchanger to double heat transfer efficiency and enable super-fast boil times.

Like the original Jetboil¨, the GCS is twice as fuel efficient as traditional camp cooking systems and will bring two cups of water to boil in about two minutes, or a liter in about four minutes. Its FluxRingÀ heat exchanger allows the GCS to boil up to 50 cups (12 Liters) of water from one micro-canister of Jetpower fuel.

The GCS integrates a burner with built-in igniter, 1.5 liter pot, pot support, and stabilizer into one compact unit. The 1.5 liter pot is made from hard-anodized aluminum for even heating and superior heat transfer, and features a wide aperture for easy frying and simmering, an insulating Neoprene cozy, and a snap on plastic lid for secure storage. All components, as well as fuel, stow within the pot so you can take it anywhere.

As the new GCS and original Jetboil PCS share the same burner base, the systems are cross-compatible, allowing users to add components to each to create a customized cooking system. In addition the GCS can also be used with traditional flat-bottomed cookware.

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